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Boss Babes of South Florida Karine Melissa


Boss Babes of South Florida provides a unique platform that connects women on both personal and professional levels through networking events, workshops, and online channels. The movement places great emphasis on mentorship, where experienced women offer guidance and support to those navigating their own paths, making it a community that genuinely uplifts the next generation of leaders.

Membership Opportunities

  • Boss Babes Network Annual Membership

    Every year
    +$15 Administration Fee
    Connecting women to each other and resources for success
    • Includes Brunch Party Registration Fees
    • Includes Happy Hour Registration Fees
    • Includes Member Discount to Special Events
    • Boss Babes Directory Listing
    • Welcome Social Media Post
    • Boss Babes Welcome Gift
"@bossbabesofsouthflorida happy hour last night was a time! More networking and more connections in 2024.”


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